Roger CPA Review 2019

  • The Bad

    Additional cost for Final Review ($225-$295/part)

    Limited course access

Elite Course Package

  • 100+ Lecture Hours
  • 5,000+ MCQs and TBS
  • CPA Exam Simulator
  • Customizeable Study Planner

Roger CPA Review is taught by Roger Philipp who has been teaching CPA exam prep courses for over 25 years and has helped over 85,000 students prepare for their exam.

This course has an astounding pass rate of 87% which is largely attributed to the unique teaching method which engages you and keeps you motivated and focused.

Roger CPA Review includes extensive use of mnemonics and other memory aids to help you retain information and easily remember specific details for a longer period of time.

Roger CPA Review

The course organized into micro-lessons through which the company aims to break down larger concepts into smaller, bite-sized lessons so that you can easily remember important information.

Each micro-lesson includes a 10-25 minute video lecture, a short excerpt from the course textbook, and corresponding class questions.

Roger’s course is available in an online format so you can access it directly from your smartphone or any mobile device such as iPads, iPhones, and Android.

Comparison of Roger CPA Review Courses

Course Features Select Premier Elite
Cost $1,699 $2,299 $2,999
100 + hours of video lecture
Electronic and physical course textbooks
6,200+ multiple choice questions and task-based simulations
CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of full length practice exams
Integrated study tools for enhanced learning & retention
Homework Help Center access
Customizable study planners
Course Access
Free material updates
Offline Lectures on USB drive
CPA Exam Flashcards
Audio Lectures
Roger Cram Course
Link to Course Get Started Get Started Get Started


Entertaining and engaging lectures

He is energetic and enthusiast and uses a unique teaching style that obviously demands your attention and makes the material very interesting. To see videos of Roger CPA Review’s teaching style, click here.

Easy to understand course textbooks

The review textbooks are provided in online and physical format and only focus directly on what will be on the exam as they eliminate a lot of fluff.

Memorization techniques

Roger CPA review uses mnemonics and numerous catchy memory aids extensively to help students retain the information and easily remember the details on exam day. When you retain long lists of information, you’ll have a hug advantage over other CPA candidates and will definitely improve your scores.

Exclusive Roger CPA Discounts

  • Student Discount: If you’re a college student currently enrolled in 12 units or have graduated within the last 2 months, you are eligible for a Student Discount of 10%. The discount is good for a one time purchase. 
  • Use Roger CPA promo codes to get the best possible deals on this great course

New course features

You can enjoy a variety of useful new features. For example, every video lecture is accompanied by an area where you can type notes and format them while watching. The notes are saved in “My Notes Summary” and can be accessed and downloaded any time in either HTML or PDF format.

If you find Roger a bit too fast in speaking, there is an added new feature that allows you to easily adjust speed of every video, highlight directly on the eTextbook, and add closed captions.

There is also a new added feature; the video bookmark which allows you to mark a specific time in the lecture so you can go back and review it later in your free time. Basically, you can add multiple bookmarks in a lecture with just a click of a mouse.

Audio review course

Roger-audio-lectures-300x285He offers an audio review course where the lectures are taught with the same high energy and enthusiasm that Roger is popularly recognized for.

Roger CPA Audio course is available in an MP3 format and only focuses directly on the content that will be on the CPA exam.

Affordable financing options

The course review program is offered to students at a price as low as $149 a month. All you need is to provide your basic information during checkout and you’ll get approved right away.

You also have another option of paying over 3, 6, or 12 months with interest rates ranging from as low as 10 to 30% APR based on your credit score. Your monthly bill can be paid using a debit card, bank transfer, or check.


No unlimited access

Roger CPA review package gives you 18 months access to all the course materials. The Premier and Elite packages usually come with 24 months access; enough time to complete all the four sections of the exam in the fixed 18 month window. If you want Roger’s Select Package, you can also purchase a 6-month extension for just $200 giving you 24 months of access.


If you need extra motivation and need a teacher who can take any accounting topic and make it interesting, providing all the necessary information for you, then Roger Philip is the man.

He provides high-quality materials and focuses only on the major accounting concepts and does not stress much on the small details that are unlikely to be tested in the CPA Exam.
Roger CPA Review is an excellent overall program and I highly recommend it to anyone who values their time and wants to pass the exam as quickly as possible.

Course Features

  • Instructional Lectures – As we previously mentioned these lectures cover the principles you need to know to pass the exam
  • Textbooks – Both e-textbooks and physical textbooks are available to fit your specific study preference. The books were written by CPA experts with over 65 years of combined experience.
  • Online Learning Tools – Among other things, you can adjust the speed of the video lectures, turn on Closed Captioning for increased understanding, insert video bookmarks, take online notes and highlight copy in your e-textbooks.
  • Review Questions – The course includes over 4,000 review questions and task-based simulations. Each question also comes with not just the correct answer but a full explanation as to why that is the correct answer.
  • Diagnostic Reports – When completing the interactive test questions your performance is tracked so that you can instantly know your strengths and weaknesses and then use that information to direct your future study efforts.
  • Practice by Chapter or by Full Exam – This feature allows you to customize your study by individual chapters, multiple chapters or full practice exams.
  • Customizable Study Planners – The course provides 3, 6, 9 and 12 month Study Planners that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Homework Help Center – Here you can ask questions and receive assistance from CPA Exam experts anytime, 24/7.
  • Progress Assessment Tool – This tool allows you to keep track of your progress as you study. You can track progress by course section, chapter and topic.
  • Personal Trainer – This feature emails you tips, tricks and inspirational messages to keep you motivated and on track for completing your studies.

Roger Cram Course

roger cpa reviewDo you have limited study time or are you worried that you have not retained enough of the information you studied?

Then check out the Cram Course because it uses you study time very efficiently.

The course videos are between 9-17 hours depending on the section and are more of a review but the condensed Cram Review book includes all the details you need to memorize.

It includes only the most test information for you to be efficient as possible. The course does not waste your time with information that is rarely tested.

That’s why the course is perfect for your final week or weekend of studying.

Supplemental Study Materials

They also have additional study tools to help make sure you pass the exam. Here are the two I recommend.

Roger Flash Cards

These are perfect to carry with you so you can use every available minute to get in a little studying. Over the course of 4-6 weeks this time really adds up.

Audio Lessons

Do you study when you’re driving to work or at the gym? If not you are missing out on some valuable study time.

The audio lectures will help you take advantage of this time and help you boost your score.

Company Credibility & Support

Roger CPA Review is a credible company that has been providing review materials for many years now.

The company’s mission is to “provide support and guidance every step of the way in order to foster the most efficient, effective and enjoyable experience.”

The company’s review materials are based on a three component learning methodology. Those components are:

  • Learn – Video lectures help students learn important concepts
  • Practice – Expert written exam practice questions test students knowledge of those concepts
  • Support – They provides 24/7 support to students through such features as the Homework Help Center, Diagnostic Reports that let students know where they stand at all times, and the Personal Trainer, which helps keep them stay motivated.

My Suggestion

Roger’s excellent video instruction is unmatched in the industry. His energy and passion, coupled with his extensive knowledge, are enough to get you excited about studying.

The Roger course also comes with plenty of great materials to supplement his enthusiastic lectures. If you’re the type of person who needs a little more zest in their video content to stay engaged, this is the product for you. The audio content is also extremely well-done, so you’re going to have several options to hear Roger’s engaging talks.

There’s a reason the Roger CPA course is so effective and highly used by accounting professionals—it’s engaging and it makes the process more enjoyable!

Roger CPA Review Breakdown

The Good The Bad
Most engaging video lectures Additional cost for Final Review ($225-$295/part)
Round the clock homework help center Limited course access
Excellent Audio CPA review offered
Mnemonics & memorization strategies
Course available both online or offline via USB
Flashcards offered (Additional cost)
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