[2021 ] Top 4 CMA Exam Prep Courses

Best CMA Exam Prep CoursesFinding the best possible CMA course is the first challenge a student will face when working towards the Certified Management Accountant exam. Since each course costs a lot of time and money, they need to be absolutely sure of the service they’re getting into.

Luckily for you we’ve identified the best CMA prep courses currently on offer. You no longer need to worry about wasting your time pouring through dozens of websites and services. Instead we’ve compiled everything you need to know right here on this page.

During our search we’ve learned that each student works best with test prep courses that match their personal learning style.

As such we’ve made sure to include services that account for multiple learning styles on this list. Thanks to that, anyone who works best as a visual or auditory learner will find some great courses if they keep reading.

No need to waste time looking for a CMA prep course. Check out the comparison chart below and get started on your studying right away!

These Are The Top 5 Best CMA Review Courses and Study Materials of August 2021 :

  1. Best Overall: Becker CMA Review
  2. Best Adaptive Learning: Surgent CMA Review
  3. Best Test Bank: Gleim CMA Review
  4. Best Coaching: CMA Exam Academy

Course Name

Course Rank






$1,499 $799 – $1,699 $1,249 $1,394


Save $509 Save $400 Save $70

# of Practice Questions

3,000+ 2,800+ 2,900 2,500

# of Practice Exams

Unlimited Unlimited 40 Unlimited

Access Period

2 Years 18 Months Until Exam is Passed 2 Years

Textbook Type

Digital Textbooks PDF Print and E-book Print and E-book

Additional Guidance

Personalized Study Plans Custom Study Plans N/A Weekly Course Outline

Academic Support

Success Coaches and Automatic Updates Content Updates Personal Online Counseler Online Coaching

Refund/Pass Guarantee

Yes Yes Access Until You Pass Yes


Becker CMA Review Course (#1)

Pro – Textbooks

Becker’s digital and physical textbooks are easy to read— much different from your typical dry college textbook. Dense concepts are broken down in plain and understandable wording. This will make all relevant CMA requirements become much less confusing for you, which will improve your confidence when it’s time to sit for the exam.

Pro – Adaptive Learning

Your course changes as you go, making it indistinguishable from another student’s course. Specific practice questions are pulled from their 3,000-plus question bank based on Becker’s proficiency system. Questions on concepts you already understand will start appearing less and less as you focus on areas you struggle to answer correctly. Using this system ensures that you’re always improving your exam score and never wasting your time.

Pro – Effective Lectures:

You’ll watch video lectures that correspond to each lesson; this is an effective way that Becker reinforces the information provided in the rest of their program. Each lecture is taught by an experienced instructor who relates CMA concepts to his or her own work experience. On top of that, each lecture comes with a series of teaching slides; use these to follow along while watching each video.

Con – Print Materials

Becker offers some print versions of their CMA review content, including the previously mentioned teaching slides. Unfortunately, you need to order these directly through the site; you’re not able to print any of their digital materials for offline use due to intellectual property laws. So if you’re the kind of student who likes to make their own flashcards, you might be disappointed.

What’s The Bottom Line?
Becker is an excellent choice for a CMA prep course. They can appeal to all kinds of students and their focus on proficiency is much more effective than their competitors. Sign up for their Pro package to get everything they have to offer, including print textbooks and one-on-one support from academic tutors.

Surgent CMA Review - Best CMA Exam Prep Courses

Surgent CMA Review Course (#2)

Pro – Patented Study Technology

The biggest pull for Surgent is their adaptive learning technology called A.S.A.P. Smart Study. Smart study is designed to assess what areas you need the most improvement in and adjusts the course to focus on those areas. This saves you a ton of time while studying since you won’t be forced to review areas you already know!

Pro – Practice Test Access

Another key feature CMA candidates should be interested in is the unlimited test access Surgent provides. Taking these exams ensure that you’ll not only be used to the material but also the test taking experience itself. On top of all that, each question comes with a detailed explanation of its answer. That means even wrong answers can be a learning experience!

Con – Limited Learning Styles

Unfortunately, this CMA course isn’t known for catering to a variety of learning styles. Instead of focusing on audio or video content, Surgent has crafted no-nonsense study materials. While this is great for anyone who can buckle down and get their studying done, it’s not great for people looking for more engagement.

What’s The Bottom Line?
Surgent CMA Review is designed to be as efficient as possible when teaching you how to pass the CMA exam. It wastes no time and won’t waste your money thanks to its low price point. Because of that focus, this course is perfect for people who learn best via self study. There are no games or podcasts to sit through when learning. Instead you pace yourself to get through the material that you need to learn. However, if you feel you need some more engaging elements when learning, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Gleim CMA - Best CMA Exam Prep Courses

Gleim CMA Review Course (#3)

Pro – Affordable Materials

Right out the gate Gleim has an understanding that many services don’t. They realize that you don’t need every single material they have on offer, so their pricing reflects that. As such people who only need the essentials can pay a much smaller fee for the Mega Test Bank instead of purchasing the full course.

Pro – Responsive Customer Support

I’ve mentioned previously that anyone in the premium course can have their questions answered, but does that mean that people who pay less are left in the dust? Not at all. Gleim CMA Review has an excellent customer support system in place for all students. Thanks to Gleim’s support experts, no student is left behind when preparing for the CMA exam.

Pro – Financial Flexibility

Although there are no scholarships or loans available through Gleim, there are several different payment plans in place for your convenience. If you choose a payment plan through Gleim’s partner Affirm, you can pay your fees monthly for up to twelve months. Thanks to that it’s easy for anyone to get onboard with Gleim’s excellent platform.

Con – No Mobile App

Unfortunately, Gleim doesn’t have a fully mobile compatible interface. This means that anyone interested in learning on the go will have to make do without the full range of study materials. This isn’t a total deal breaker, but it is something you might want to keep in mind.

What’s The Bottom Line?
Thanks to the affordable materials bundled in with excellent support systems, this service is well worth your time. It’s very affordable if you know what tier you want and you can even pay via a flexible payment plan. While the lack of mobile support is disappointing, the quality of the service still shines through on any other platform. If you’ve got the time and money to spare, you can do a lot worse than Gleim.

CMA Exam Academy - Best CMA Exam Prep Courses

CMA Exam Academy Review (#4)

Pro – Variable Payment Plan

CMA Exam Academy’s biggest selling point is their pricing. Payments can be spread out interest free for half a year when using PayPal credit. Hence, anyone uncomfortable with paying (or unable to pay) a lump sum for their education will have a much easier time with this service. On top of that, this course even comes with a pass guarantee. If you’re unable to pass the CMA exam after fully completing the course you’ll be given a full refund.

Pro – Well Structured Course

A big thing that sets CMA Exam Academy apart is how they structure their coursework. Each course is instructor led over the course of twelve weeks. During those twelve weeks, you’ll be assigned work and given direct mentoring and feedback. Because of that this course feels like an online college class. Ultimately, it’s easy to balance studying and the rest of your responsibilities with CMA Exam Academy!

Pro – Breadth of Materials

There are no hidden costs when taking this course. All study materials such as textbooks and formula guides are included with your purchase. You can be assured that you are getting everything you need with CMA Exam Academy. Even better, all of their paperbacks are shipped worldwide. No need to worry about your location limiting the materials you have access to.

Pro – Support Team

CMA Exam Academy also includes one on one coaching time with a professor. This time is unlimited so you always have the help you need. On top of that, any emails sent to an instructor are guaranteed a one day response time. Additionally, weekly support phone calls mean you’ll be able to directly discuss the course and ask any questions you have. There’s even a private Facebook support group for you to connect with your peers.

What’s The Bottom Line?
CMA Exam Academy understands and embodies everything that makes a prep course great. A fantastic support team combined with a personalized study plan make sure anyone can pass the CMA exam if they put their mind to it. On top of that, CMA Exam Academy’s adaptive technology combined with their textbook and video lecture offerings show that they go above and beyond when it comes to your education. This is a great course for students of many different learning styles. Visual and auditory learners will retain information best from the different types of video and audio lectures. People who work best in one on one situations also benefit from the personal coaching on offer. Essentially, there’s something here for everyone!


What skills does a CMA need?

Naturally, Certified Management Accountants need a skillset that incorporates both accounting and management. Not only will you be required to understand the intricacies of financial accounting for businesses and individuals, but you’ll also need to demonstrate competence managing other accountants and ensuring they are capable of doing the same. This is why the requirements for CMA certification include several years of education and professional experience.

How long does it take to prepare for CMA?

Since a Bachelor’s degree is required to sit for the CMA exam, at least 4 years of undergraduate education is required to prepare. You also need at least 2 continuous years of experience in financial management or management accounting, so you can estimate an average of 4 to 6 years total to become fully prepared. Aside from this, you may need an extra 3-6 months to study with a CMA review course.

Which is tougher, CA or CMA?

When you compare the pass rates for Chartered Accountants to Certified Management Accountants, it appears that the CA exam is tougher than the CMA exam. However, the lower CA exam pass rates is most likely due to less stringent requirements to sit for the exam; the CMA’s stricter requirements filter out many students who would perform poorly on the exam. Because of this, a knowledgeable student who studies hard should have an easier time passing the CA exam than the CMA exam.

Can a CMA do a bank audit?

Certified Management Accountants cannot perform a bank audit in the United States— only Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can. However, CMAs still play an important role in the audit process; they just can’t sign the audit report.


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