Best CPA Exam Review Courses & CPA Study Materials of 2020

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Deciding which CPA review course to use to help you pass the CPA exam is the most important decision you will make in this stage of your career. It’s important that you know the differences between each CPA prep course to be properly prepared.

All the CPA review course companies claim to have the best product, but picking the wrong prep course could cost you hundreds of valuable study hours and thousands of dollars. Bottom line: you need to find the right CPA exam study materials that best fit YOUR learning style.

You’re probably wondering:

What are the Best CPA Prep Courses? Or more importantly, which study materials will help you pass the CPA exam in the shortest time possible?

The best CPA review course is the one that will help you pass all four sections of the CPA exam, as outlined by the AICPA, as fast as possible. We all learn differently. Some people learn best in a classroom setting, while others learn better going through the material on their own. To find out the best CPA review course for you and your way of learning, check out my comparisons below.

The CPA Exam Guy website was created to help you find a CPA prep course that not only covers all the important information, but also the one that best fits your personal learning style. I also hook you up with HUGE discounts, so make sure you check out my promo codes below.

Let’s get started!




Trusted by CPAs for 60+ years

Best Adaptive Learning Technology

Largest MCQ/TBS Test Bank

Exciting Lectures

Unlimited Course Access


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580+ w/400 Coaching Videos






800+ Video Lessons






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Unlimited content & Tech Support, LIve 1-on-1 tutoring, Unlimited exam advising

Unlimited content and technical support with responses guaranteed within 1 business day

Personal Counselor and Accounting Experts Support via Phone & Email

24/7 Homework Help Center

Email Support & Community Forum



1. Becker CPA Review Course: Best for Big4 Backed Credibility

Becker CPA Review


  • Great Award-Winning Adapt2U AI Technology by Sana Labs
  • Exam Prep that closely mimics the CPA exam
  • Thousands of practice questions and TBS that include SkillMaster videos (over 400)
  • Study Bank ensures you never answer the same question twice
  • Accounting For Empires CPA video game
  • Flexible format learning, from self-study, live-online, live-inperson classrooms, you have all the options.


  • Lack of decent audio content
  • Higher than average price

Becker CPA Review

  • 9,200+ multiple choice questions
  • 580+ task-based simulations
  • Comprehensive textbooks and eBooks
  • Interactive Study Planner

Becker CPA Review is one of the most known companies for CPA exam candidates since it is sponsored by most accounting firms (including the Big 4) and universities. This used to be an issue for many students, since they were slow to adapt when other courses changed their platforms and study materials. Fortunately, Becker has undergone several necessary changes over the last few years and is now the best CPA review course currently available to students.

Becker is a trusted name in the industry and offers tons of benefits to justify students’ enrollment in their premium course tiers. Additionally, they’ve recently added flexibility for students on a tight budget— now you can enroll in a payment plan over 3 months, 6 months, or a full year.

What to Expect With Becker CPA Prep Course?

The Becker CPA Review course has one of the largest databases of exam questions— over 9,000 multiple choice questions and almost 600 task-based simulations. That’s a lot to work with, but they also provide a Study Bank that ensures you don’t see the same recycled questions over and over again.

Becker also has live CPA prep course classes, which is rare. There is a benefit of having a live classroom setting to gain an understanding of CPA knowledge, but the viability of the course is dependent on the quality of the instructor. Fortunately, Becker’s instructors are extremely qualified and garner lots of praise from students!

Unfortunately, Becker doesn’t offer audio content in any of their packages. This can be a letdown if you like studying while exercising, commuting, or doing chores around the house. And while you may be able to work around this by listening to video lectures, it’s just not the same.

Who is Becker Best Suited For?

Becker’s online course is a great option if you don’t want to be bothered with deadlines and want to work at your own pace. They’re also a fantastic choice because of their high-quality, easy-to-use CPA Exam materials. I 100% recommend using their study materials if you want the best chance at becoming a CPA!

Why Choose This Prep Course?

The Becker CPA Review course has a solid curriculum, course materials and instructors. If you’re a student who needs flexibility, as well as in-depth material, Becker’s online review course is the way to go. There’s also several financing options available, so you can even afford to enroll if your budget is on the smaller side.

  What’s the bottom line?
                         I suggest using Becker if you want the best and most comprehensive experience preparing for the CPA exam. Definitely check out their live courses if you can!               

2. Surgent CPA Review Courses: Best for Adaptive Learning Software

surgent cpa review course


  • Most experienced instructors in the industry
  • Adaptive learning software
  • Personal Study planner
  • Unlimited access to study materials (no expiration)
  • Comprehensive review course
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • Audio course (w/Ultimate Pass)


  • Short Trial Period

Surgent CPA Review

  • 7,700 multiple-choice questions
  • Document Review Simulations
  • Over 350 video lectures
  • All mobile compatible
  • Pass Guarantee

With the Surgent CPA Review Course, your materials are trimmed down to the essential topics. This reduces the number of hours that you will have to study for your exams. This course is taught by instructors who have over 20 years of experience teaching CPA exam prep. The company released an updated platform and the 2.0 version really pushes Surgent into the top echelon of CPA prep courses.

What to Expect With Surgent CPA Review Courses?

Surgent CPA Review courses have a strong lineup of instructors who are experts at teaching CPA exam candidates. Combined, they have more experience in the industry than any other CPA review companies on the market.

Your instructors, Liz Kolar (25 year CPA exam prep instructor) and Jack Surgent (leading CPE course provider with 20+ years of experience) created Surgent CPA Review Courses with the vision of making the study process more efficient than other established CPA exam review courses. They offer insightful strategies and study tips in their video lectures that they have accumulated through many years of teaching. I really liked how the videos were concise and to the point, making it easier to absorb and retain information.

Surgent CPA Review A.S.A.P. Technology

You’ll find that Surgent’s CPA course is extremely easy to navigate through and you’ll be cruising in and out of lessons with ease thanks to the revamped dashboard design that Surgent created. This is something with which other courses struggle, so it’s great to see one course put a lot of money and effort into making the prep program easy to use and intuitive.

Their course comes with an UNLIMITED access, so you’ll never have to worry about the materials expiring until you have successfully passed.

They offer a Money-Back Guarantee which proves just how confident they are in their product. This offering was completely revamped into a new platform, and 2.0 is really something worth considering when buying CPA review courses. You even have the option to sign up for a 5 day trial, just to get familiar with the course before making any buying decisions.

Who is Surgent’s Course Best Suited For?

I would recommend Surgent to you if you are a student who prefers the convenience of studying at their own pace from guided video lectures. If you are looking to pass the CPA exam quickly by studying more efficiently, Surgent would be a great fit for you.

Surgent CPA Course Discounts and Promo Codes

  Take $700 OFF Surgent CPA Review’s premier course!

FAQs About Surgent CPA Review:
Q: Will my Surgent course be compatible with smartphones and tablets?
A: Yes, all of Surgent’s course features and CPA study materials are compatible with most smartphones and tablets. The only electronics that don’t support Surgent’s software are Kindle Fire, Nook Tablets, and E-Readers. 
Q: What exactly is adaptive learning?
A: Adaptive learning is a learning technology that Surgent incorporated into its software so it can quickly reveal your areas of need and automatically create a customized study plan that focuses on where you need the most help. The goal is to reduce study time and increase efficiency.
  What’s the bottom line?
  If you are looking to pass the CPA Exam quickly, Surgent’s impressive adaptive software makes these the right CPA Review courses for you. Their students often pass the exam in 3 weeks, with average study hours of 58 to be exam-ready.



How do you rate Surgent CPA Review?

3. Gleim CPA Review Courses: Best for Task-Based Simulations

gleim cpa review course


  • Unlimited course access
  • More Affordable
  • Phone and email support
  • Has the largest bank of MCQs and TBS


  • Only offers online course format with limited downloadable features
  • Overwhelming amount of study materials

Gleim CPA Review

  • Digital and physical copies of our books
  • Authentic Exam Day Emulation
  • Online Review Course
  • Access Until You Pass
  • Interactive Study Planner

Gleim CPA Review Courses offer comprehensive study materials that will take you through all the possible subjects that may show up on the CPA exam.

Gleim’s CPA study materials cover every and any information you need to know. They also offer SmartAdapt technology that does an excellent job guiding you through each topic, ensuring that you don’t get lost in their substantial question bank. Despite this, their course may still not be a good pick for the faint of heart, since the dense content can be overwhelming.

However, if you prefer a ton of information and want to enroll in a course that fully prepares you for exam day by leaving no stone unturned, then this could very well be the right study guide for you.

What to Expect With Gleim CPA Review Course?

With Gleim’s CPA prep courses, their SmartAdapt technology will guide you through every step of the course. This is beneficial when used in conjunction with their extensive study materials, since it offers informed recommendations for each step of your CPA study schedule. Gleim includes a huge bank of True/False quizzes, MCQ tests, Final Exam Reviews, and Task Based Simulations to give you lots of practice for the real exam. In total, the full Gleim review course includes over 13,000 multiple choice questions and 1,300 task-based simulations, which is significantly more than any other CPA prep course.

Additionally, Gleim’s complete course includes an audio lesson for each section of the CPA exam. This 100+ hour library of extra content provides an excellent way to learn the material during non-traditional study times like commuting or exercising. They can be easily downloaded to your phone, iPod or mp3 player.

Much like their other study materials, Gleim’s textbooks are detailed and use a significant amount of technical jargon. Although many students prefer a highly comprehensive course, you may feel overwhelmed by the information overload. And you’re free to take all the time you need to get through your exam review thanks to their Access Until You Pass guarantee.

Who is Gleim CPA Review Best Suited For?

Gleim is the course for you if you want the most detailed study materials and the largest volume of practice questions. This is intended to have the greatest effect on students who struggled with some of these concepts when learning them for the first time in school. Additionally, Gleim is ideal for the individual who is extremely focused and can process information; if you struggle to pay attention when faced with walls of text, this might be an issue for you. Ultimately, this is an especially helpful course if you struggle with staying motivated and on-track with your study schedule, since SmartAdapt takes all of the guesswork out of the experience. 

Gleim CPA Course Discounts and Promo Codes

  Get $200 OFF Gleim’s Premium CPA Review course


Why Choose Gleim?

Gleim provides you with more than enough information and study material to pass the CPA exam. There is so much information provided here that you won’t lack for it.

However, as stated earlier, that information can be to a fault as it can be a bit overwhelming. If you want a study guide that will provide you with the most information about the exam, then you may want to give Gleim a try.

FAQs About Gleim CPA Review:
Q: Is there a guarantee for this review course?
A: With Gleim, you get an Access Until You Pass guarantee. This means that you’ll have full access to the entire course, without needing to buy an extension, until you pass the CPA exam.
Q: What’s the difference between Traditional and Premium Gleim courses?
A: The Gleim Traditional CPA Review has many similar features to their Premium option. However, it gives you less student support and only 18 months of access. The Premium review comes complete with the Gleim Instruct Video Series, access to Accounting Experts for added guidance, and an Access Until You Pass Guarantee.
  What’s the bottom line?
 If you’ve been out of the classroom for a while and want a personal counselor to help you throughout your studies, Gleim is a great option. Their SmartAdapt tech can guide you through the entire study schedule, and their Premium account will let you talk to Accounting Experts for even more help if you need it.



4. Roger CPA Review Courses: Best for Engaging Video Lectures

Roger CPA Review


  • Most engaging video lectures
  • Round the clock homework help center
  • Excellent Audio CPA review offered
  • Mnemonics & memorization strategies
  • Course available both online or offline via USB
  • Flashcards offered (for an additional cost)


  • Additional cost for Final Review ($225-$295/part)
  • Poorly designed UWorld app causing multiple problems for users

Elite Course Package

  • 120+ Lecture Hours
  • 5,800+ MCQs and TBS
  • CPA Exam Simulator
  • Customizeable Study Planner

If you want an instructor that will keep you engaged with high energy and a passion for what he teaches, then Roger CPA Review Course is the perfect course for you.

Do you find yourself less self directed, and needing someone to keep your attention? Do you need an instructor who can keep you awake through all the boring CPA material?

Now, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s crucial for many learners out there to have a teacher that is someone with high energy. This is one of the main reasons why the Roger CPA prep course is one of my favorites. If you find yourself having a hard time memorizing terms then this may also be your best bet as Roger provides specific memorization techniques such as mnemonics.

What to Expect With Roger CPA Review Courses?

When you choose Roger for your CPA review course, you can expect to get over 120 hours of entertaining and informative video lectures. Roger Philip teaches each lecture with a lot (and I mean a lot) of humor and enthusiasm. His unique teaching style makes the material much more engaging and helps you stay motivated.

He is passionate about helping students pass the CPA exam. Not only is he knowledgeable about the material, but he can also break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. Roger uses mnemonics and other memorization tools throughout his lectures to provide an easier way for students to remember many tedious details that often appear on the exam. Check out his video below and see for yourself 🙂

CPA Exam Tip: How to Study Smarter

Your Roger CPA review course software will also come integrated with SmartPath Technology. This new feature provides you with recommendations on where and how to focus your efforts by comparing your progress and performance to those that have passed the CPA Exam. This efficient tool can cut your study time down by hundreds of hours!

Roger now offers CPA exam candidates UNLIMITED access to their online study materials through their Elite-Unlimited tier. No need to worry about your course expiring; you’ll have your study materials for as long as you desire! Roger also offers free course updates to ensure you’ll always be studying with the most up to date content if/when any changes are made to the exam.

Now, what about the financing options?

The Roger CPA Review Courses now offer financing plans if you are a student on a budget. This is a fantastic opportunity because anyone who can afford to pay $149 a month now has access to the best CPA exam review course on the market!

With so many benefits, it may come as a surprise that Roger is ranked below so many other CPA review courses. Ultimately, this has to do with customer dissatisfaction after a recent UWorld course update. According to a number of reviews left by unsatisfied users, their on-the-go study app suffers from frequent crashes, poor connectivity, and a confusing redesign that’s overly complicated.

Who is Roger CPA Review Best Suited For?

I would recommend this course to a CPA candidate who has a hard time focusing while studying. If you found yourself struggling to stay awake in some of your accounting lectures, then Roger CPA review will definitely keep you from falling asleep.

If you also like to ask a lot of questions while you study, there is a homework help centre available to you around the clock.

Roger’s CPA course is best suited for students who are audio and visual learners. There is an available audio version of the course, although you will have to pay an additional fee for it.

Roger CPA Prep Course Discounts and Promo Codes

  Get $315 OFF the Roger CPA Review Premier Course! Plus get Unlimited Course Access with the Roger CPA Review Course Elite package for a limited time with this discount code.


Why Choose Roger’s CPA Prep Course?

  If you are lacking in the area of motivation and need someone who can get you pumped up about the CPA exam and keep you motivated, then this is the review course you are looking for.

FAQs About Roger CPA Review Courses:
Q: How can I view the video lessons on my mobile devices?
A: With Roger CPA review courses, you’ll have access to the lectures on your cellular phone, tablet, or mobile device. Many times, the videos are too large for 3G or 4G, so you’ll need to be connected to a wireless network.
Q: What happens if I run into a question about my course—either the concepts or homework?
A: Roger has an awesome Homework Help Center to answer questions regarding the CPA exam. You will most likely find the answer to your question in the massive bank of questions asked by previous Roger CPA students. Moderators are also available to help, as they can provide assistance on conceptual issues or topical questions. This service is meant to be a supplemental support to the content that’s covered in the lectures.
  What’s the bottom line?
There’s a lot to love about Roger CPA Review, especially when it comes to their engaging video content. However, there are some serious issues with their UWorld learning software that need fixing. I recommend a “wait and see” approach to this course— stick with a company like Surgent, Becker, or Wiley until the situation improves!

5. Fast Forward Academy CPA Review: Best for Value

fast forward academy cpa review course


  • Unlimited course access
  • Most affordable study materials
  • Email support
  • Focuses in on your specific learning needs


  • No final review offered
  • No CPA audio
  • No flashcards available
  • Online format only, no offline option
  • No Mobile App
  • Only 30 Days to Claim Refund

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

  • Paperback Study Guide
  • FastBook (Online Textbook)
  • 6,800+ Study Questions
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Video Explanations
  • Free Domestic Shipping

Fast Forward Academy is the most affordable CPA prep course on the market. In fact it costs nearly half of what the top three ranked here do.

If you are on a budget and can do without some of the other perks other CPA exam companies offer, then you may want to take a closer look at Fast Forward Academy CPA Review.

But here’s the kicker:

Fast Forward Academy is relatively new to the CPA Review arena and the course is still proving itself. The student feedback is a bit mixed, but it’s definitely a solid course for passing the CPA exam with.

What to Expect With Fast Forward Academy CPA Prep Courses?

Fast Forward is not a one size fits all type of course, since it actually caters to each student’s specific learning needs. As you progress through the course, data from your practice exams is collected and used to create personalized tests that target your weak areas.

Even though Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient. Other courses have awesome mobile apps that makes quick study sessions easy and simple. It helps to have an app that you can use to quickly use on-the-go.

Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass.

But, here’s the deal:

If you don’t fit well with the course structure and want to use a different course, you’ll only have 30 days to figure it out in order to receive a refund. This isn’t a terrible deal, but some courses are a little more forgiving.

Other courses don’t have a time limit on their refund and instead abide by a pass or refund guarantee. You’ll have to make sure you meet all of Fast Forwards 30 day refund qualifications too in order to get your money back.

Who is This Review Course Best Suited For?

If you are looking to cut through the process and make it as efficient as possible, this course has great tools to do just that. If you prefer to focus your studies on topics you are weakest in, rather than learning in a traditional method and going through all of the course material, then Fast Forward Academy may be a good fit for you. 

SHOW COUPON CODE – Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
  What’s the bottom line?
          Fast Forward Academy has great technology baked into their course and is also one of the most affordable on the market.             

6. Yaeger CPA Review Course: Best for Most Affordable

yaeger cpa review course


  • Simple teaching approach
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Extremely friendly support
  • Flexibility
  • Message boards


  • Old School Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review

  • Video Lectures
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Exam Simulator
  • CRAM Courses

Yaeger CPA Review is a great course for you if you want the bare bones done well, not great. The customer support for this prep tool is excellent, and the flexible and customized format is a perfect solution for those who don’t fit into a specific learning style category.

What to Expect With Yaeger CPA Review?

The Yaeger CPA review course is much more of an old school style of teaching. If you have a shorter attention span, you may get bored by the traditional lecture videos. They are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college and move a little slower than an independent self-study type of person might prefer.

The lectures include step by step instructions to ensure that you are clear about the subject material. Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you and help you navigate through those tricky problems which give you the repetition needed to be successful.

Why Choose Yaeger CPA Review?

Yaeger does have some of the best customer support available. Yaeger’s Live Instructor Hotline provides responsive personal support that is superior to any other review course I’ve used.

This allows you to directly contact the instructors for help with any questions that arise while you are studying. Yaeger sticks to its promise, “Whether by phone or email—you can contact me and the other instructors personally almost anytime.”

Who is Yaeger Best Suited For?

Yaeger is best suited for you if you need a little customization in your studying but don’t want to splurge on one of the more comprehensive and expensive options. The additional study help that’s offered is also a great way to get more out of your review.

Yaeger CPA Course Discounts and Promo Codes

  10% Off Discount code – applies to all Yaeger products and study materials

  Get $140 OFF the complete Yaeger CPA Review Course!


Why Choose This Prep Course?

Yaeger CPA Review has talented instructors who will break down the content for candidates of all types. With excellent support and a number of add-on features, this course is a great low-to-mid level option.

The lectures aren’t overly exciting, but they cover all the CPA exam topics in a palatable form.

There is a time limit for this course, meaning no unlimited access. If you’re planning on studying for a longer period, this may not be the best fit.

FAQs About Yaeger CPA Review:
Q: Does Yaeger CPA Review work on mobile devices?
A: With Yaeger, you can access the materials via a browser that adapts well to mobile devices. The student portal can be easily entered via any mobile phone or tablet. The flashcards can be accessed via mobile devices, so you can take studying on the go!
Q: Does Yaeger offer personal support with its course?
A: Yaeger offers a variety of support services: there’s an instructor hotline and phone and email support. The instructors who field questions have years of experience in the industry.
  What’s the bottom line?
                                              Yaeger is a great fit for students who want a comprehensive course for an affordable price.                         

7. Universal CPA Review Course: Best for Supplemental Coursework

Universal CPA Prep Course Review


  • Unique and exclusive material
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Affordable prices
  • Audio and Video Content


  • No trial or guarantee
  • Only supplemental material

Universal CPA Review

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Task-based simulations
  • Video and audio lectures
  • eBook
  • Unlimited access

Universal CPA Review was designed for one particular purpose. If you’ve already invested time and money into a fully-fledged course like Surgent but need some additional help, this is the choice for you!

What to Expect With Universal CPA Review?

You’re not going to see most of the content found here in any other CPA prep course. That’s because the team of professional CPAs and accounting wizards at Universal CPA Review created thousands of unique questions and simulations exclusively for this course.

Furthermore, each question comes with thoroughly detailed explanations to justify each answer. What do I mean by thoroughly detailed? Essentially, each answer comes with a lecture in both audio and video format. You simply won’t find this anywhere else!

Universal CPA Review Dashboard

However, the most appealing feature of Universal CPA Review by far is its price. At just under $600 for the full bundle, this is a steal of a deal. But if that’s still too rich for your blood, you can always opt for a single section at a fraction of the price.

Who is Universal CPA Review Best Suited For?

The CPA candidate who will get the most out of this course is one who’s already tried other prep courses. Bonus points for any students who like audio-based learning, studying on the go, and spending as little as possible on their study materials. 

However, you shouldn’t spring for this course if it’s your first ever. Universal CPA Review makes it clear on their site that this is a supplementary course, meant to be paired with another one. This is not a fully-fledged review course like you’d get from Roger or Surgent.

Why Choose Universal CPA Review?

Let’s say you’ve already signed up with a comprehensive CPA prep course. You’ve diligently completed each practice quiz and listened to each lecture according to the schedule. However, you’re still greatly concerned with your ability to really grasp the exam concepts.

Now let’s say you’ve already taken the CPA exam in the past and failed. Once again, you did everything right by signing up for a CPA review course and following its outlined schedule. You were so close to passing too: it only took a bad score on one section to keep you from becoming certified.

In either of these situations, Universal CPA Review is the best choice. The former candidate can brush up on core concepts through their unique curriculum, and the latter can cram for a retake of a specific section without breaking the bank. Either way, you win!

FAQs About Universal CPA Review:
Q: Does Universal CPA Review have a guarantee?
A: Unfortunately, they don’t currently offer a pass guarantee or refund policy. However, they do provide unlimited access to all enrolled students until they pass their exam.
Q: Does Universal CPA Review offer a free trial?
A: Currently, Universal CPA Review doesn’t offer a demo or trial period for their study materials. However, students who are on the fence can look at their Reviews page to see what other students have to say about the course.
  What’s the bottom line?
Give Universal CPA Review a shot if you’re already tried other CPA prep courses and want something different. It doesn’t cost much and can help you tackle some of the toughest exam sections.                        
Click Here to go to UNIVERSAL CPA REVIEW

Which CPA Course Has the Best Video Lessons?

If you consider yourself a visual learner, you need a course that has the best video lessons. I personally would rather watch a teacher than try to understand difficult accounting concepts through readings, and I know many other students who are the same.

So who’s the best?

Roger CPA Review has some of the best videos in the industry with his super energetic teaching style.

Another great course for video lectures is Surgent CPA Review, which can be attributed to having some of the most knowledgeable CPA test prep instructors out there.

Best CPA Exam Prep Course Video Lectures – Comparison Table


800+ Video Lessons

Surgent CPA Review

350 Mini Video Lessons

Roger CPA Review

120 hours

Gleim CPA Review

100 hours

Fast Forward Academy

80+ hours

Yaeger CPA Review

104 hours

  What’s the bottom line?
       Since Roger is the most engaging instructor in the industry, Roger CPA Review is the best review course for video lectures.            
G0 TO ROGER’s Website

Which CPA Prep Course Has the Most Practice Questions?

Multiple choice questions are the bulk of any CPA review course, as these mirror the exam content and are the best way to practice for CPA exam.

The number of MCQs isn’t always the most important quality for these questions. You must also note that some questions are harder and more like the actual exam than others.

So who has the most?

Gleim has the most amount of questions. They offer the highest volume of content by far, so you’ll want to try their course if this is the most important feature for you.

Becker, however, has the most adaptive multiple choice questions that are specific to your level of knowledge, helping  you prepare for the test.

CPA Courses With The Most Multiple Choice Practice Questions (MCQs)

Gleim CPA Review




Surgent CPA Review


Fast Forward Academy


Roger CPA Review


Yaeger CPA Review


  What’s the bottom line?
        Gleim CPA Review provides more multiple choice questions than any course, so you’re not going to run out of practice questions.     
Go to Gleim CPA Review

Which CPA Prep Course Has the Most Task-Based Simulations?

Task-based simulations have become increasingly important since the changes made to the CPA Exam a few years ago. Because of this new test that places more importance of simulations, CPA review courses now place more emphasis on these questions, ensuring you can pass after practicing the TBS section.

So who is the best when it comes to TBS’s?

Becker and Surgent have some of the best CPA exam Task Based Simulations which include the most up to date CPA exam content covering the new content and topics on the CPA exam blueprints. Becker in particular has an extremely impressive library of TBS content since they also include over 400 instructional videos taught by accounting experts.

Most CPA Exam Task-Based Simulations (TBS) by Course



Surgent CPA Review


Roger CPA Review


Gleim CPA Review


Fast Forward Academy


Yaeger CPA Review


  What’s the bottom line?
   While Surgent has extremely up-to-date materials, Becker CPA Review has the best TBS and instructional videos.           

Which CPA Courses Offer Discounts & Financing Options?

Why would you pay full price for a CPA review course when there are tons of great CPA discount codes available! Save hundreds of dollars off all the most popular prep courses with these great CPA promo codes.

But what if you can’t afford a pricey CPA review course?

Becker offers financing options which allow you to make much more affordable monthly payments over a period of 3 months, 9 months, or one year.

Best CPA Course Financing & Discount Offers (Comparison)




Surgent CPA Review


Yes, 0%

Roger CPA Review


Yes, 10-30%

Gleim CPA Review



Fast Forward Academy



Yaeger CPA Review



  What’s the bottom line?
Becker offers the best financing options with a low monthly rate to allow the maximum amount of students to afford their top-tier review course.

Which CPA Course Has the Best Student Support?

When it comes to student support, which course answers questions the fastest? How easy is it to use the student support software? Which course gives the most personal response?

Here are my rankings for the Top CPA Review Courses for Student Support:

#1 Becker
Becker – Message Board, Phone & Email Support, Accounting Experts and Success Coaches

Surgent – Dedicated coaching and onboarding, live chat, student support, email & phone

Roger – Homework Help Center, expert instructors

Gleim – Personal Counselors, assistance from accounting experts, email & live chat

Yaeger – Email, phone, student-only message board, direct access to instructors and CPAs

What are the Best CPA Exam Test Banks?

gleim cpa review course test bank

#1: Gleim CPA Test Blank

Winner of the largest test bank on the market! With more than 10,000 exam-emulating multiple-choice questions and simulations, Gleim tests your knowledge and skills at the levels of the CPA Exam to ensure that you’re completely prepared.

What are the Best CPA Exam Cram Courses?

If you need to improve your CPA Exam score by 10 points, or if you simply want to solidify difficult concepts for final review, a solid CPA Cram Course is the best study supplement to get you there.

A Cram Course is the best way to reinforce your understanding of the most heavily tested CPA Exam topics in a short amount of time.

So which cram course gets the job done?

roger cpa review course cram course

#1: Roger CPA Cram Course

Roger’s CPA Cram Course is conveniently offered in two formats. The Online Cram gives you two months of access from start of activation. The portable Flash Drive Cram option provides a full eight months of access time and offers the convenience to study without an internet connection.

But the number one reason why this cram course is the best…

All practice questions covered during the lectures come with full, in-depth explanations. The course also includes Cram Textbooks that were written by expert CPAs alongside the famous Roger Philip.

Best CPA Exam Printed Flashcards

roger cpa review course flashcards

#1: Roger CPA Flashcards

Roger offers hundreds of print flashcards that come in one easy-to-use spindle. Each card has two definitions on the front and detailed explanations on the backside

wiley cpa review course flashcards

#2: Wiley CPA Flashcards

Wiley CPAexcel comes with more than 250 printed flashcards for each section of the CPA exam with their Platinum course. If you want, you can buy them a la carte to supplement your primary review course studies, which is a great way to boost your memorization skills.

Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps

surgent cpa review course mobile app

#1: Surgent CPA Review Mobile App

Surgent is one of the only CPA prep course offering a completely free Flashcard app for iPhone and Android, giving you the chance to study 2,200+ CPA exam terms and definitions on your smartphone. You should be taking advantage of this offer while it lasts!

roger cpa review course multiple choice questions
roger cpa review course flashcards

#2: Roger CPA Review Mobile App

Roger has two iPhone apps available to students. The first one is a multiple choice app with over 3,400+ questions and the second is a flashcard app.

Best Audio CPA Review Course (MP3)

roger cpa review course audio lectures

#1: Roger CPA Review Audio Course

If you have a commute or want to make your time in the gym more efficient, you need to download the Roger CPA Audio Course for listening on the go. This is by far the most engaging audio course that almost makes accounting fun.. almost

Best CPA Course for Visual and Auditory Learners

roger cpa review course elite package image

#1: Roger CPA Review Elite Course

This is the absolute best option for visual & auditory learners, in my opinion. Roger Philip, the instructor, is extremely animated and his genuine passion is obvious in his unique lectures. The Roger CPA Elite course also comes with an audio version of the CPA course.

Best CPA Review Course on a Budget (Less than $1,200)

yaeger cpa review course

Yaeger CPA Review wins this title!

Get all 4 sections for less than $1,200 with our exclusive CRUSH coupon code. Yaeger launched its new software platform and the organized, user friendly interface is truly impressive. This great all around course is the best bang for your buck!

Best Feature Of Each CPA Prep Course

CPA Review Course

Best For

Becker CPA Review

Endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms

Surgent CPA Review

Top Notch Instructors

Roger CPA Review

Video Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review

Best Value

Gleim CPA Review

Most Practice Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About The CPA Exam

Why should I become a CPA?

The benefits of being a CPA can be tangible and intangible. With the designation next to your name, you get a better career trajectory, a higher salary, respect from similarly accredited peers, and even the potential to secure corner office positions. Over the course of their careers, CPAs make $1 million more than their non-certified counterparts. The C-Suite is more likely to be made up of people who are CPAs than those who lack the title—executive search firm Spencer Stuart noted roughly 45 percent of CFOs have a CPA.

❓What are the CPA Exam Requirements by State?

The requirements to sit for the CPA exam aren’t especially varied from state to state, but there are definitely some outliers. Understanding these CPA exam requirements is important, however, as the first step to becoming a CPA is being able to sit for the exam. For the most part, you’re going to need 150 credit hours of accounting education, along with some work experience. There’s definitely more to the requirements than just 150 credit hours, but you’re going to have that as a basic educational foundation to sit for the exam.

How do people stay motivated after failing a CPA exam section?

Finding the motivation to carry on with studying after a failed test is absolutely heartbreaking for many people. However, if you can make the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel a tangible goal or event, it will alleviate the pains that come with the process of starting over. Many people fail at least one section, so it’s certainly possible to keep studying if you know WHY you’re taking the test. Failing a section also doesn’t mean you’re not meant to become a CPA—many people who occupy corner offices of Fortune 500 companies have failed one section of their exams. The important thing with regard to failing is to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

How do I recognize my “learning style”?

Knowing your learning style is the secret to cutting hours and hours off of your studying time. Once you know what works with regard to specific types of prep tools—videos, audio content, or practicing by doing CPA test banks or books—the whole process becomes easier and each minute of studying becomes more valuable. If you’re wondering what your learning style is, I recommend you check out the above post and determine exactly how you process and consume information. Not knowing how you learn the most efficiently before you invest in a CPA review course is basically burning money!

What are the different testing windows for the CPA exam?

The test is broken down into the quarterly fiscal schedule, like all businesses CPAs work for. So, for the first quarter, you get to take the test within the first two months and an additional ten days into the second month. Once this testing window is over, the schedule simply repeats that pattern. Basically, there’s a 20-ish day period per quarter in which you are not able to take the test. If you’re able to plan your studying and schedule your exams correctly, you’ll be able to knock out the CPA in about a year!

📖How do I create a study schedule?

In order to create a successful CPA exam study schedule, you need to make an honest assessment of how many hours you can devote per week. If you’re working full-time, you’re going to want to study a certain amount per day, with your longer sessions on the weekend. If you’re not working, you can devote larger chunks of time per day—the key is to keep a consistent level of studying, as you don’t want to do too much on one day and none on another. Knowing how to study for the CPA exam will be the difference between passing and failing each individual section.

🤔Which section of the CPA exam should I take first?

Your first CPA exam section should be the one that you feel most confident about passing. You got to hit the ground running!

1️⃣Which CPA Review course is best?

Although there are really 3-4 different factors to consider here (see our full review), our top-rated course is Becker CPA Review. They offer an extremely dense library of study materials that include 9,000+ multiple choice questions, hundreds of instructional videos, and two mobile apps.

How long should you study for the CPA exam?

In general, it’s recommended that CPA candidates study for 300-400 hours for the CPA exam in total in order to ensure they pass. Essentially, this equates to about 80-100 hours of CPA study hours for each exam section.

Which CPA exam is the hardest?

Strictly by the passing results, FAR is the most difficult. The combined passing percentage in the first three quarters of 2018 for the Financial Accounting and Reporting section was 46.79%. Comparatively, the other three sections have a higher pass percentage. But you can’t say which CPA exam is the hardest based only on the pass rate. In reality, the most difficult section is the one that you haven’t prepared for adequately.