How to Find the Best Learning Style for You

There are many different learning styles, but students typically fall into one of three categories. It’s very important to know what learning style works best for you, especially when looking into what CPA test prep course to take.

Studies have shown that students get higher test scores when they match their test prep course to their learning style, allowing them to retain knowledge effectively through conducive study habits.

What’s Your Learning Style?

Can you identify your learning style? Check out the three main learning styles below to see which one relates the most to you.

Visual learners grasp concepts best through visual aids. You may be a visual learner if you prefer to interact with the world through your eyes. These type of learners tend to forget names while remembering faces. Visual learners obviously have a knack for anything visual, including spelling, design, and fashion. They prefer to receive information in the form of charts, graphs, and videos. Visual learners like to see everything in front of them, so they frequently make outlines, to-do lists, and notes in the text. When it comes to studying for the CPA exam, I recommend Roger CPA Review for visual learners, as his content is extremely engaging.

Auditory Learners learn best through listening. People who learn best with their ears remember names and random factoids easily. They are comfortable reading out loud and publicly speaking. Auditory learners are usually excellent musicians or linguists. They perform well in study groups and can explain concepts well. If you prefer to learn through audiobooks or podcasts, you are most likely an auditory learner. The Roger CPA Review is a good fit for auditory learners because the instructor’s voice is energetic and lively, making it easy to engage in his lectures. I would also recommend Gleim CPA Review because of its exceptional audio review course that lets you listen to lectures at a convenient time for you.

If you learn through participation, you are an experience learner (also known as a tactile learner). These learners like to be hands on with their studies and learn best with quizzes and games. These learners struggle with spelling and like to take frequent breaks. Experience learners love to participate in class and can successfully study with loud music playing. They also enjoy sports, building things, and adventures. For the experience learners out there taking the CPA exam, I suggest using Wiley CPAexcel or Gleim CPA Review as your CPA test prep course.  

Now that you know what type of learner you are, compare all of the best CPA exam prep courses and find the best fit for your learning style, budget, and other needs.



  1. Sean July 19, 2016 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Is there a way to train to become a certain type of learner?

    • Jason Galaif July 20, 2016 at 12:42 pm - Reply

      Hey Sean,

      I’m sure you can become better at a learning style if you are open to the mental adjustments needed. Whether this is a practical process, I am not exactly sure. I’d imagine it takes quite a bit of time to fully develop a new learning style. Ideally, you want to be good at all types! I suggest you focus on your preferred learning style instead of trying to change your learning style. Hope this helps.


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