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Hi! I’m Jason, aka The CPA Exam Guy. Below your find my insights about the CPA exam including how to study, how to pick the best CPA review course, and the numerous details related to the whole CPA licensing process.

I’ll be updating my blog with some motivational stories about my experience becoming a CPA along with other CPA candidate feedback that I’ve accumulated over the years. This is your resource, so stay tuned more great CPA exam content!

Jason Galaif, CPA

Accountant Salary Guide

Individuals with an interest in math may find that becoming an accountant is an excellent career path. Accountants are responsible for providing valuable financial information to companies to help them operate efficiently.

CPA Exam Costs & Fees

Passing the CPA exam can be a life-changing achievement. An individual who has a CPA license will be eligible for a wide range of jobs that require expertise in accounting.

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How Is The CPA Exam Scored?

The scoring system that is used for the CPA exam could be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the practices followed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

Top 11 Tips To Pass BEC

The BEC test includes many concepts that are covered in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and learning these topics can help you grow in your career. This test focuses on key information needed [...]

Wiley CPAexcel Review

#2 The Good Smaller bite-size lessons make course very flexible Great analytics and progress tracker Unlimited course access, it never expires More than 10,000 practice questions, more than any other CPA [...]

Roger CPA Review 2018

#1 The Good Most engaging video lectures Round the clock homework help center Excellent Audio CPA review offered Mnemonics & memorization strategies Course available both online or offline via USB Flashcards [...]

Surgent CPA Review

#3 The Good Most experienced instructors in the industry Adaptive learning software Personal Study planner Unlimited access to study materials (no expiration) Comprehensive review course Offers a money-back guarantee [...]

Yaeger CPA Review

#4 The Good Simple teaching approach Multiple choice questions Extremely friendly support Flexibility Message boards The Bad Old School Lectures Time limit Video Lectures [...]

Gleim CPA Review

There are many CPA Review courses out there, but none as comprehensive AND affordable as Gleim CPA Review. This course prides itself on covering all of the general topics and details you will encounter [...]

How To Become a CPA: Step by Step Guide

Becoming a CPA requires a big time investment and careful planning. CPA candidates must meet specific education requirements, and also document any accounting work experience. You should understand what is tested on the CPA exam and how the test is administered through test centers. Use these tips to become a CPA.

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Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

The Good Unlimited course access Most affordable study materials Email support Focuses in on your specific learning needs The Bad No final review offered No CPA [...]

Becker CPA Review

The Good Comprehensive online textbooks (as well as print) 100+ hours of video lessons Adapt2U Learning technology 6,200+ practice multiple choice questions 300+ practice task-based simulations 2 mock exams (per section) [...]

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker

Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review are two of the most well known names in the CPA industry, but which one is better? It may not be initially clear which course you should choose, [...]

How to Reduce Your CPA Study Time

I’m generally good at taking tests, but I have many colleagues who struggle with them. From stories that I’ve heard, test day comes and even if someone knows the material, they barely pass the first [...]

4 Tips for the CPA Exam Simulations on Test Day

The CPA Exam Simulations are notoriously difficult for every section. There’s plenty of myths out there concerning these sims, especially with regard to which section features the most difficult versions. In reality, the most difficult sims [...]