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UWorld Roger Promo Codes

Let's be real. Investing in a CPA review course is just that- an investment. So whether you're considering Roger CPA review or other brands for any finance certifications you pursue, you'll want to find [...]


Learn everything you need to know about the difference between CMA and CPA, what requirements you'll need to meet, and how much you can earn.

  • How to Become a CPA: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Become a CPA: Step by Step Guide

Becoming a CPA requires a big time investment and careful planning. CPA candidates must meet specific education requirements, and also document any accounting work experience. You should understand what is tested on the CPA exam and how the test is administered through test centers. Use these tips to become a CPA.

  • Becker CPA Review Course

Becker CPA Review

The Good Comprehensive online textbooks (as well as print) 275+ hours of video lessons per section Adapt2U Learning technology 9,200+ practice multiple choice questions 580+ practice task-based simulations 2 mock exams [...]

  • wiley cpa review course

Wiley CPA Review Course

When I was first preparing for the CPA exam, I used Wiley and passed on my first attempt. Since that time, Wiley has made several changes to their user experience and curriculum in order to compete with other online CPA review courses

  • Roger CPA Review

UWorld Roger CPA Review

#4 The Good Most engaging video lectures Impressive technology Round-the-clock Study Hub Support Excellent Audio CPA review offered Mnemonics & memorization strategies Course available both online or offline via mobile app [...]

  • Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

The Good Unlimited course access Most affordable study materials Email support Focuses in on your specific learning needs The Bad No final review offered No CPA [...]

Surgent CPA Review

#2 The Good Most experienced instructors in the industry Adaptive learning software Personal Study planner Unlimited access to study materials (no expiration) Comprehensive review course Offers a money-back guarantee Audio Course [...]

  • Crush the CPA Exam study guide

The #1 Best CPA Exam Study Guide

Crush The CPA Exam's Study Guide is full of unique tips and useful information that only somebody who's actually passed the CPA exam would know about. How do I know this? Well, I used this study guide [...]

Becker vs. UWorld Roger CPA Review

We’re going to compare two of the best CPA review providers online— Becker CPA Review and Roger CPA Review. We’ll be going over what these different companies have to offer and letting you know what makes each unique.

Gleim vs Becker CPA Review 2023: Which Course is Better?

Becker and Gleim are two of the top CPA review courses according to students and professional accountings. Both of these companies provide exam review materials with distinct advantages and disadvantages— but only one of them can be the best in the business.

  • How to Find the Best Learning Styles for You

How to Find the Best Learning Style for You

There are many different learning styles, but students typically fall into one of three categories. It’s very important to know what learning style works best for you, especially when looking into what CPA test [...]

  • Which Section of the CPA Exam to Take First

Which Section of the CPA Exam to Take First

In case you aren’t already familiar with the four different sections of the CPA exam, take a look at my post on CPA Exam Sections to learn more about them. This information is important in [...]

  • Change Your Life, Become a CPA

Change Your Life, Become a CPA

The road I took to becoming a Certified Public Accountant was arduous and a lot of sacrifices had to be made. I was knocked down again and again… and again. But I never gave [...]

  • CPA Exam Application Process

CPA Exam Application Process

CPA Exam Application Process Passing the CPA exam is an important step in any accountant’s career— but it can easily turn into a logistical nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing ahead of [...]

  • CPA Exam Final Review

CPA Exam Final Review

The CPA exam is one of the most difficult certification exams in the field of professional accounting. According to the AICPA, each of the 4 CPA exam sections have a pass rate between 50-60%-- [...]

  • Salary Breakdown of the Big 4 Accounting Firms

Salary Breakdown of the Big 4 Accounting Firms

"The Big 4” are the 4 public accounting firms that account for 80 percent of all business auditing done in the United States in addition to a sizable portion of professional services relating to global [...]

  • Top 9 CPA Exam Preparation Tips

Top 9 CPA Exam Preparation Tips

Preparing for the CPA Exam requires a killer study schedule, the perfect CPA review course, and the right attitude. It can be a long journey with many pitfalls. To help you through this journey, [...]

  • Does Your CPA Exam Score Matter Above 75?

Does Your CPA Exam Score Matter Above a 75?

Whether you barely passed the CPA exam or got the highest score possible, your score still proved that you have the required understanding needed to be awarded the title of CPA. It's also important to [...]

  • How is The CPA Exam Scored?

How Is The CPA Exam Scored?

The scoring system that is used for the CPA exam could be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the practices followed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

  • CPA Exam Costs & Fees

CPA Exam Costs & Fees

Passing the CPA exam can be a life-changing achievement. An individual who has a CPA license will be eligible for a wide range of jobs that require expertise in accounting.

  • Accountant Salary Guide

Accountant Salary Guide

Individuals with an interest in math may find that becoming an accountant is an excellent career path. Accountants are responsible for providing valuable financial information to companies to help them operate efficiently.

  • 43 FAQs About CPAs

43 FAQs About CPAs

Got a burning question about the CPA exam or Certified Public Accountants? Find the answer to over 40 of the most frequently asked CPA questions here!

  • What CPAs Should Know About Cryptocurrency

What CPAs Should Know About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Is Becoming More And More Mainstream. The IRS Is Taking Note — And So Should CPAs When you hear about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, the headlines often concern the price. Either crypto is [...]

  • Small Business Accounting Cheat Sheet

Small Business Accounting Cheat Sheet

Every small business needs a reliable and robust accounting system. Accurate and timely accounting records can give your company a significant advantage. Furthermore, access to your financial data could allow you to monitor your [...]

  • Best CMA Review Courses

Best CMA Review Courses

You no longer need to worry about wasting your time pouring through dozens of websites and services. Instead we’ve compiled everything you need to know right here on this page.

Cost of Becoming a CPA

So you want to be a CPA and join all the cool kids in the cafeteria, huh? That’s a wise move, my friend. There’s plenty of prestige to be had from getting your CPA license and quite a career that comes with the title.

  • CPA Exam Study Schedule

CPA Exam Study Schedule

A CPA Exam Study Schedule is Essential for Success When I finally decided to take the CPA Exam, I had no idea where to begin. I asked tons of my colleagues and received plenty of [...]

  • Scheduling Your CPA Exams: Do's and Don'ts

Scheduling Your CPA Exams: Do’s and Don’ts

When discussing strategies and insights for the CPA exam, each individual has their own unique experience. As you have most likely learned during college and while preparing for the CPA exam, time management is critical, [...]

  • 4 Tips for the CPA Exam Simulations on Test Day

4 Tips for the CPA Exam Simulations on Test Day

The CPA Exam Simulations are notoriously difficult for every section. There’s plenty of myths out there concerning these simulation questions. This is especially true with regard to which section features the most difficult versions. In [...]

  • Top 11 Tips to Pass BEC CPA Exam

Top 11 Tips To Pass BEC

The Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) test includes many concepts that are covered in an MBA program. Consequently, learning these topics can help you pass BEC and grow in your career. The multiple-choice questions in [...]

  • Top 11 Tips to Pass REG CPA Exam

Top 11 Tips To Pass the REG CPA Exam

The REG section of the CPA exam is challenging because this test covers business law, federal taxation, and rules of professional conduct for CPAs. There are some general concepts, however, that can help you simplify much of the test detail.