Every CPA needs to take and pass the CPA certification exam in order to start their public accounting career. 

This exam can be very difficult to pass on your first try— but it only gets harder if you’re not properly prepared. 

Because of this, it’s in your best interest to take a CPA prep course beforehand.

But how can you choose one when they all claim to be the best? Which CPA review course really offers the better set of multiple choice questions, video lectures, and final review materials to ensure you can pass this notoriously difficult test?

Becker and Gleim are two of the top CPA review courses according to students and professional accountings. Both of these companies provide exam review materials with distinct advantages and disadvantages— but only one of them can be the best in the business. 

Read on to see which is better in the ultimate showdown of Becker vs. Gleim!


Long story short: Becker and Gleim are both fairly pricey, but Gleim is a little cheaper. 

Becker’s full package price is $3499 for their Pro review course— Compare that to Gleim’s $1999 Premium CPA Review System. That’s a stark difference, but the materials in both courses reflect these differences. Essentially, both prices are 100% fair and you get your money’s worth with either pick.

Something that Becker does to make their courses more affordable is offer monthly financing plans through Affirm. Currently, Gleim doesn’t offer the same choice.

This category is tough to call. Gleim is much cheaper, but Becker has better payment options. Because of that, the winner largely comes down to personal choice— but Gleim ultimately wins out in my opinion.

Winner: Gleim CPA Review

Study Materials

Both companies offer similar types of study materials. The differences between them largely comes from the quality and quantity— which also justifies their price differences. Consequently, one offers a better package than the other.

Becker offers 12 well designed exams instead of a giant pool of disconnected questions. Plus, they include 1,100 extra multiple choice problems with their Pro course. On top of that, Becker offers task based simulations with over 400 SkillMaster video lectures, live instruction with academic tutors and success coaches, and extra CPE content for maintaining your credential after passing the exam.

By contrast, Gleim’s Premium CPA review course doesn’t offer quite as much.

Gleim randomly generates tests from a pool of 10,000 questions. This does an okay job at conveying information, and it ensures that you can devote a lot of time to this aspect of your study routine; however, it can feel disconnected compared to Becker’s tailored practice exams. They also offer task based simulations and audio lectures, but they have very limited video content. Gleim focuses more on quality than quantity— but Becker is able to provide both.

Between the two courses, Becker is my first pick. Their content feels much more authored and substantial. Gleim certainly doesn’t lack content or quality, but it just can’t stand up against what Becker is offering.

Winner: Becker CPA Review


Becker’s instructors are highly qualified as both teachers and accountants— they’re all licensed professionals with at least 10 years of educational experience. Because of that, you’re guaranteed to be taught by someone who knows what they’re doing. You won’t have to worry about dealing with an unprepared or under-qualified instructor at any point.

Gleim also hires a team of professionals, but the most notable member of their staff is Dr. Irvin Gleim, the founder and namesake. With over 40 years of experience teaching accounting students, he has an impressive staff of fellow accountants and extremely competent customer support specialists to meet all their students’ needs.

Becker’s teachers are extremely helpful and highly qualified, but Dr. Gleim and his team have much more impressive credentials. Gleim CPA Review wins here!

Winner: Gleim CPA Review

Mobile App

Nowadays, more and more students are choosing to study for their exams on smart devices like tablets and mobile phones. To accommodate these modern CPA candidates, both of these CPA review courses offer mobile support. However, only Becker has gone so far as to create a mobile app for their service.

The main mobile app provided by Becker is intended for use on the go. Because of that, they’ve made sure that all of their course content works perfectly on the service: video lectures, practice exams, final review questions, etc. Plus, your progress is saved no matter what device you work on; feel free to log some study time on your computer then switch over to your mobile device later. Additionally, all of their course tiers come with access to a bonus mobile app, the educational strategy game Accounting for Empires.

Unfortunately, Gleim doesn’t have a mobile app. Their resources can be accessed via a browser on mobile, but they haven’t been designed for the platform. That’s pretty disappointing because it limits the amount of work you can do away from home. Plus it shows a lack of confidence in their materials in a handheld or bite sized format. Gleim really needs to improve in this area.

Becker takes the win for mobile students thanks to their dedicated approach. Not only are their main CPA exam study materials easily accessible, but their mobile game is a refreshing and innovative way to get even more studying done while having some fun in the process.

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Add-On Content

To supplement their CPA course review materials, both of these companies offer some extra content. Here’s some more info comparing the two:

All of Becker’s add-on content is included for free with their Pro course. This includes a wide range of flashcards, audio lectures, and study guides. Each of these is a fine addition to your study sessions. Plus they work well to fill in gaps in your knowledge and reinforce what you’ve already learned. But if you’re not willing or able to pay for the highest package, you can get some of these materials a la carte through their Support Products page.

Gleim also offers some extra products to give your CPA exam prep a boost. Their main offering is a CPA Mega Test Bank, which expands their already impressive multiple choice question pool by 2,000. Aside from this, the rest of their offerings are digital flashcards and a short video series. When compared to Becker, they have a terrific collection of practice exams and questions, but not much else.

Becker easily wins this category; they offer far more add on content with (or without) their premium course. However, Gleim’s Mega Test Bank is also a great choice if you prefer to learn through repetition.

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Demos & Guarantees

As you can see by now, both of these CPA review courses have a lot to offer. But what if you sign up for one and don’t like what you get? Is there a way to try before you buy, or some kind of guarantee to ensure you actually pass the CPA exam?

Here’s how Becker and Gleim handle their respective course demonstrations and guarantees:

Becker provides 2 free weeks of access to anyone who’s curious about their CPA review course. During your 14-day trial, you can access over 30 hours of video lectures, 1,400+ multiple choice questions, unlimited practice exams, digital flashcards, and a hands-on look at their Adapt2U learning tech. On top of all that, their Becker Promise ensures that you’ll still have access until you earn a passing grade— even if you fail the CPA exam on your first try.

Looking at Gleim in comparison, their demo lacks the amount of content provided by Becker’s. However, something that it absolutely doesn’t lack is time— you’re free to try out their demo for an impressive 18 months. And when you eventually enroll in one of their courses, you’re guaranteed to have full Access Until You Pass.

This is yet another close call; both courses have nearly identical guarantees. But Gleim’s demo just doesn’t compare to Becker’s, no matter how much time they give you to complete it. Becker wins again!

Winner: Becker CPA Review

Gleim vs. Becker: The Winner Is…

Becker is the superior CPA study course. They’ve won almost every category on this list and have generally better offerings. Sure, they’re a bit more expensive than Gleim— but it’s definitely worth the extra cost, and you can spread out payments over a long time to make it easier.