The #1 Best CPA Exam Study Guide

crush the cpa study guideCrush The CPA Exam’s Study Guide is full of unique tips and useful information that only somebody who’s actually passed the CPA exam would know about. How do I know this? Well, I used this study guide to help me through the studying process. In fact, I wish I had found this resource much earlier on.

Instead of studying everything that could possibly be on the test, doing too many practice problems, and putting in hundreds of hours of time, you could save a ton of time and money by following the CRUSH game plan.

If you fail the CPA exam, you can take it again…and again, just like I did. However, failing is not only an expensive option—the total cost is going to be in the thousands—but also it’s going to take over your life. That’s not hyperbole, as studying for the CPA completely consumes all of your time, affects your sleep, and will negatively influence your personal relationships.

Knowing all of that, why do only one out of five people pass all four sections on the first try? It’s not because they aren’t trying or they aren’t smart enough to pass—trust me it’s definitely not either of those reasons. If those CPA candidates who didn’t pass were anything like me, they just didn’t know the RIGHT WAY to study.

The Right Way to Study for the CPA Exam

Given that you can expect to study an extra 50-100 hours if you fail one section of the exam, it makes sense to get everything right the first time. In fact, it makes sense to pass the test while putting in the least amount of time and money in the first place—YOU JUST NEED TO PASS. This study guide guarantees that you will pass the test and it boasts a 100 percent pass rate to back this up.

How Will You Pass the CPA Exam?

If you’re like me, you like the sound of both a guarantee and a proven pass rate. So, what’s the catch? How does this option exist? The answer is simple: some people simply know HOW to take tests.

Bryce Welker is one of those people, and he broke down exactly how to pass the CPA in his study guide. Instead of going over every possible question on the test, his meticulously planned-out resource will show you what will actually be on the exam and how to become an expert on that given information.

For example, the CPA simulations represent 50 percent of your total score on three out of the four exams. So, using Bryce’s expert techniques, which help you retain more than 80 percent of what you study, you can reduce your total study time and conquer these sections. By devoting more time to areas in which you’ll be tested, you can really learn those sections instead of just taking a wide sweeping swing at every potential topic.

Targeted, Well-Planned Study Schedule

If you’re studying for the CPA exam, you probably have a lot of other responsibilities that make your time an extremely valuable resource. This is why, in addition to cutting out needless hours of studying information that won’t be on the test, you need to have a well-worked study plan.

The Crush the CPA Exam Study Guide breaks it down for you week-by-week and step-by-step. It will tell you what’s important, when you should be studying that information and it will leave out all extraneous information.

When you’ve moved through the scheduled study plan and become an expert in each vital CPA testing category, you make last preparations with the 72-hour final review program. This portion of the study guide will turn you into a CPA machine right before the test. By condensing hundreds of pages of information into a weekend’s worth of time, you’re getting a valuable last-minute tool that cuts hours upon hours out of your overall studying.

Additional CPA Study Materials

In addition to the main study guide, you get access to other CPA resources that will benefit you at different points in your career. The Complete CPA Application Guide will answer difficult questions and give you tips regarding exam eligibility, the application process, authorization, costs, and license requirements.

When you order the study guide, you also get access to the CPA Exam Formulas tool, which provides you with 40 vital formulas to help you become a master of the BEC section. When studying, using this tool in conjunction with the overall study guide will ensure you a passing grade on the exam.

Finally, you’ll get a resource that will be quite beneficial after you pass the test (note that I say after you pass the test and not “if” you pass the test). The Post-Exam Career Guide will help you plan and map your career trajectory after you pass the CPA – this resource is just as important as any, as you need to know what to do after it’s all over!

At the end of the day, what do you have to lose? If you’re like me, you want the easiest possible route to CPA certification. Bryce puts his personal guarantee on the product and will refund your money if you fail. Thus, the only thing standing in the way of you passing the CPA exam is a couple clicks away.