Preparing for your CMA exam requires you to think carefully— you don’t want to waste your time, money, and effort just to feel unprepared for the day of their test. 

To make things easier, we’ve created a simple yet thorough review of two CMA exam prep review courses in order to help save you time and effort.

What are the key differences between Wiley CMAexcel and Gleim CMA Review? Whose study materials stand out more for their quality, quantity, and price?

When breaking down both of these courses, you’ll definitely notice some similarities between them. However, there are also some finer details that differentiate these courses that can result in different experiences. But at the end of the day, one of these experiences will be ideal for your preferred learning style. 

Without further explanation, let’s learn more about Gleim vs. Wiley CMA!

About Wiley CMAexcel

After the acquisition of Efficient Learning Systems Inc and their premier CPAexcel product toward the end of 2012, Wiley has been steadily tweaking their CMA review courses over the past decade. With frequent optimization changes to more aptly address the needs of their students, they’ve become an extremely popular resource for students who need a well-made CMA test bank and/or some informative CMA video lectures.

About Gleim CMA Review

This company started in 1974 when professor Irvin Gleim wrote and published the first Gleim CPA Review textbook. In the years following, Professor Gleim continued to publish follow-up books and additional self-study tools, which led into the CMA course prep powerhouse that it is today. Now, Gleim is considered one of the best CMA review courses for students who want to practice with the largest possible volume of multiple choice questions.

Gleim vs. Wiley: Access Period

Gleim and Wiley CMA both include unlimited access to course materials until you have passed your exam. However, there are some finer details that should be taken into account before taking these claims at face value. 

When referring to Gleim’s CMA Traditional Review course, it turns out that some of their materials have expiration dates for the following year. This doesn’t mean that you’ll permanently lose access to this content— just that it’ll be updated to reflect changes to the exam.

When looking at Wiley’s CMA review course, there’s one unique trait that gives them an advantage; you can retake any courses you’ve previously passed at no extra cost. This may not sound useful at first, but it can be extremely helpful in the future if you want to brush up on some specific concepts in your professional career.

Winner: Tie

Are you the type of student that only needs to take a course once in order to pass your exams? Even if you aren’t typically this kind of student, I’m sure you definitely want to be. If that applies to you, Gleim would probably be your best bet. But if you’re someone who struggles with exams and you’ve accepted the possibility of needing additional tries, then Wiley may seem like the better option.

Gleim vs. Wiley: Study Materials

When it comes to your hard-earned money, you probably want to spend it on a service that provides the maximum value possible. To that end, both of these CMA review courses offer some perks and special features to sweeten the deal.

But which course has the better set of study materials? Here are the differences between Gleim and Wiley’s test banks, video lectures, multiple choice questions, and more:

The Platinum Wiley CMAexcel Exam Review Course offers a ton of study guides and review content— as well as an online test bank complete with several thousand practice questions, Wiley’s signature 11th Hour Review, and flash cards. These are all extremely enticing features, but it lacks a hands-on approach that many students might prefer.

To compare, many of the features included with Wiley’s Platinum option are also present in Gleim’s CMA Premium Review package. In fact, the number of multiple choice questions and task-based simulations included with their top course is far greater than Wiley’s. Additionally, Gleim has mentoring conducted by professional counselors, which fulfills that previously mentioned need for hands-on education.


Thanks to their wholly unique and detailed approach to CMA review, students of Gleim receive one-on-one assistance alongside a huge test bank. Ultimately, we feel that they offer the better set of study materials between the two— although it is fairly close!

Gleim vs. Wiley: Pricing

Although WIley and Gleim both have 3 level pricing structures, there are key differences we need to review in order to fully understand what sets the two apart. 

Here’s what you need to know when it’s time to pay your tuition:

Taking a quick look at Gleim and Wiley’s websites, Gleim has a slightly better deal on the majority of their offerings. However, Wiley offers 20% student discounts on CMA courses, for both their full and partial course offerings. If you’re a student who qualified for this discount, you’ll see that their pricing actually beats Gleim’s on each package.

But what if you’re not currently enrolled as a student? In almost all cases, Wiley still offers a 20% discount code regardless of your educational status.

Switching over to Gleim, this company also offers excellent deals and discounts on their end— including this one! 


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Although they don’t have a price level that undercuts Wiley, they do have financing options to users who can’t pay the full amount of their course up front.

Winner: Tie

While it’s true that Wiley CMAexcel has lower prices thanks to their discounts, financing options through Gleim make it equally hassle-free to meet your necessary payments. Additionally, exclusive features included with Gleim’s packages — such as one-on-one Professional Assistance — make up for the price difference. Essentially, you’re getting something that’s worth the price with either CMA course!

Wiley vs. Gleim: Supplementary Content

In addition to their main three course packages, Wiley and Gleim allow you to purchase these courses as two separate parts. But despite these similarities, Wiley and Gleim do not offer equivalent options for purchasing single items.

Gleim deserves praise for their supplementary content— most of it is free to students and consists of useful perks. They include a CMA Exam Study Guide, a library of CMA Webinars and Educational Videos, and some extra Practice Exam Questions. We’d recommend these free materials as paid content, but luckily for you they’re completely free for the taking!

Looking at Wiley’s supplemental offerings, their 11th Hour Final Review stands out as the most worthwhile feature. This consists of a list of target categories that are crucial to your success, a CMA Associate Professor from an actual University for an instructor, and additional practice exams. Wiley’s signature FlashCards are also available separate from the 11th Hour review, but it’s worth mentioning that there have been problems accessing these on mobile devices.


With all of these excellent supplementary options at your disposal you can rest easy knowing that at the end of the day you’re getting an amazing deal either way. For this category though, we found that the numerous free resources available through Gleim far outshone those offered by Wiley— especially when it comes to mobile functionality.

Final Recommendation

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into the specific features of both Gleim and Wiley, we can see where these services overlap and where they shine independently from each other:

Gleim is a CMA review provider with a huge test bank, ample course enrollment options, and tons of supplementary content. The free content on hand — as well as the one-on-one professional study assistance with Gleim — is enough to earn them our recommendation, but their site sometimes borders on the verge of “information overload,” requiring the user to do a little more leg work to actually get started studying.

With a solid track record, Wiley has collegiate professionalism baked into its identity. This is a provider that has refined their offerings over the past few decades and grown into a respected name within the industry. However, their test bank isn’t as substantial as Gleim and their mobile features aren’t as reliable— fortunately, their price tag reflects these shortcomings!


At the end of the day, we feel that the extra effort you might need in order to get the most out of Gleim is worth it. 

For a student preparing for their CMA Exam, there is no greater resource than a living, breathing professional to help you nail down key concepts. Gleim introduces that human element into their courses because they treat their students like people, not success statistics.

Visit Gleim’s site today to see if their courses are right for you!



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