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Warning! Read our Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker review before making your final choice for a CPA review course. When spending thousands on a CPA review course, trusting that it’s the correct course for you is extremely important if you wish to pass the CPA exam.


As you can see above the Wiley CPAexcel review course is clearly the better choice!

Many exam candidates use Becker because they receive course access for free through their employer. Furthermore, it’s true that many people pass the CPA exam using their practice questions, video lectures, and other test prep materials, simply based on the sheer quantity of individuals who use their CPA course.

However, what Becker doesn’t tell you is that they are also the number one course used by students who FAIL the exam…

Using their CPA exam study course, if you get it for free, is completely understandable. It will assist CPA candidates in passing their exams: just not as efficiently as possible.

But if you have to use your hard-earned money please don’t immediately pick Becker; consider choosing Wiley instead!

Aside from the money you can save, Wiley CPAexcel is a much better test prep course for CPA candidates because of how their information is delivered: through live classes, combination print/digital flashcards, and 15-30 minute lessons versus the 1-2 hour video lectures with Becker.

The 15-30 minute lessons include video, text, and practice questions for review (which are the most important part!).

Get Access Until You Pass!

Fortunately, both Becker and Wiley CPAexcel offer students who enroll in their exam prep courses unlimited access. This means you can take as long as you need with either company to ensure you are able to successfully pass the CPA exam.

Don’t risk running out of time with your course and save your hard-earned money!

The Becker CPA Review Mistake

The mistake most people make with Becker is that by the time the hour+ long video lectures are over, they become so bored or tired that they don’t attempt to complete the multiple choice practice questions.

Alternatively, Wiley CPAexcel’s short lesson delivery system helps you avoid that problem and conduct your self-study routine more efficiently.

Take one step closer to your dream of becoming CPA and get started with Wiley CPAexcel today!

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