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Application Process for International CPA Candidates

The application process for the uniform CPA examination is more confusing than it needs to be. It’s even more confusing if you are not living in the United States. But don’t worry, the CPA application process is the same for everyone (for the most part). This article will break down how the CPA exam works [...]


Does Your CPA Exam Score Matter Above a 75?

Whether you barely passed the CPA exam or got the highest score possible, your score still proved that you have the required understanding needed to be awarded the title of CPA. It's also important to remember that your score does not determine how good of a certified public accountant you will be.   So [...]


Should I Start Studying Now for the CPA Exam?

In a word, yes, you should begin to study. And yes, the CPA Exam is changing, but that’s not a reason to put off studying. If you want to become a CPA, stop procrastinating and start today. The CPA Exam went through some pretty significant changes that will begin April 1st. One of those changes [...]


4 Tips for the CPA Exam Simulations on Test Day

The CPA Exam Simulations are notoriously difficult for every section. There’s plenty of myths out there concerning these sims, especially with regard to which section features the most difficult versions. In reality, the most difficult sims are the ones you don’t prepare for enough. And whichever section is your weakest section, the corresponding sims will likely be [...]


Which Section of the CPA Exam to Take First

  In case you aren’t already familiar with the four different sections of the CPA exam, take a look at my post on CPA Exam Sections to learn more about them. This information is important in order to make the best decision! Your decision on which section to take first can hugely impact how well [...]


How to Find the Best Learning Style for You

There are many different learning styles, but students typically fall into one of three categories. It’s very important to know what learning style works best for you, especially when looking into what CPA test prep course to take. Studies have shown that students get higher test scores when they match their test prep course to [...]


Salary Breakdown of the Big 4 Accounting Firms

The "Big 4” are the 4 accounting firms that account for 80 percent of all business auditing done in the United States, and a sizable portion of global finance. They offer competitive and comfortable salaries for everyone, including entry level positions, making them the dream job for those pursuing accounting or finance. So how do [...]


The #1 Best CPA Exam Study Guide

Crush The CPA Exam's Study Guide is full of unique tips and useful information that only somebody who's actually passed the CPA exam would know about. How do I know this? Well, I used this study guide to help me through the studying process. In fact, I wish I had found this resource much earlier on. Instead of [...]


4 Easy Ways to Increase Your CPA Exam Scores

I know plenty of accountants that have failed the CPA Exam by just a few points. This is the worst feeling because you know you almost passed. But almost only counts in horseshoes or hand grenades: not with NASBA or the AICPA! Therefore, if you’re pretty close to a passing score, you only need a [...]


Scheduling Your CPA Exams: Do’s and Don’ts

When discussing strategies and insights for the CPA exam, each individual has their own unique experience. As you have learned during college and while preparing for the CPA exam, time management is critical. If you don't know the best strategy for scheduling all 4 parts of the CPA, you're starting out at a massive disadvantage. [...]


Policies and Disclosure

Privacy Notice Effective Date:  March 14, 2018 This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for http://www.cpaexamguy.com (the “Site”).  By using the Site you consent to our privacy policy.  This policy applies solely to information collected by this Site, except where stated otherwise.  It will notify you of the following: What information we collect; With [...]